Chairing LP-IoT Workshop @ Mobicom and ISCAS ‘Feeding the Next Billion’ Session

Do you work in low-power IoT? WOW! Submit to the 2nd annual LP-IoT workshop then! Deadline June 20:

This event is co-chaired by me, Zerina Kapetanovic (UW) and Vaishnavi Ranganathan (MSR). This lovely workshop is the first workshop in the area of IoT/power harvesting to my awareness that has been chaired by a committee of all women, hooray for DEI progress!

ALSO: I recently chaired the (virtual) ‘Feeding the Next Billion’ session at ISCAS ‘22. We had 5 great talks:

1.) Optimizing a Multispectral-Images-Based DL Model, Through Feature Selection, Pruning and Quantization by Julio Torres-Tello and Seokbum Ko at the University of Saskatchewan

2.) Scheduling Problems for Robotics in Precision Ag. by Stefano Carpin at UC Merced

3.) A Thermoacoustic Imaging System for Non-Invasive and Non-Destructive Root Phenotyping by A. Singhvi, A. Fitzpatrick, J.D. Scharwies, J. Dinneny, A. Arbabian at Stanford

4.) Early Characterization of Soil Microbial Fuel Cells by G. Marcano, C. Josephson, Pat Pannuto and Gabe Marcano at UC San Diego


5.) A Bio-Mimetic Leaf Wetness Sensor by B. Nguyen, G. Gilbert, M. Rolandi at UC Santa Cruz

Session details here.